Yamuna Flaherty
Yamuna Flaherty

How It Works


Who will be there?  It will only be you and I unless we discuss another arrangement. This is a very intimate process and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. In order for us to work at the level of depth I want to access, it often works best when you are alone.

What should I wear? If you are a person who has already connected with their style and has a wardrobe of pieces that reflect your true essence, then just pick what you love according to the landscape we shoot on. If you are still evolving your style then I can provide jewelry, textiles, and other props I have collected from around the world. My items tend to be ethnic, powerful, and colourful. We will create the right look for your shoot that incorporates the power of the land we shoot on and perhaps accesses a new realm of inner beauty that you have not yet discovered!
Also, bring your make-up bag. I love shooting women a little more stripped-down but makeup can highlight a few things in front of the lens.

Where should we shoot? There are a plethora of local landscapes that I love. First of all, I want you to be photographed on a landscape that really speaks to your soul. Think of your 'power place'. If you are a Desert Priestess then we can find a place that brings the vastness and mystery of that landscape into your shoot. The same if you are a Forest Nymph, a Water Goddess, or an Urban Dweller, etc. I love weaving the beauty of landscapes with people and location is important in invoking the power of the land in your shoot. 

How will I feel? Most people are pretty nervous at the start of a shoot. I get it, it takes time to feel comfortable in your vulnerability. The first 30 minutes of a session are the time for me to see how you move, where you hold energy, and where you need to surrender. Most of the ‘gold’ of our time together happens in the middle and end of the shoot. That is when you have let go of your insecurity, opened yourself to the medicine of being authentic, and offer that glimpse of your inner divinity. I combine gentle direction with your own intuitive movements. I take time to really look at you, to find the best angle of your face, uncover your uninhibited smile, and invite your sensuality to reveal itself. Our time together is mutually inspired and there is space for conversation, suggestions, and laughter. This is such a unique opportunity for you to access the divine within and let it be seen in a totally safe space.