Yamuna Flaherty
Yamuna Flaherty

Portrait Sessions

Wherever you are on your journey I can meet you there. 

For nearly two decades I have traversed the planet meeting and photographing people from all walks of life. During this process of interaction I began to realize that a magical doorway would appear. I felt as if I was being invited to cross a threshold and peer into the truth of the other, like I was walking through a 'Doorway to the Divine'. In India 'Darshan' is the act of beholding an auspicious vision of the divine which imparts a blessing on the seer. My camera has been the medium by which I have been able to peer through these sacred doorways, and if even only for a glimpse, see the divinity that each of us holds within. Sebastiao Salgado said, “A photograph is offered not taken.” I believe that each moment of truth that I capture is an offering from you to me. You are allowing your truth to be revealed, and for this I am truly grateful.

This session is not about acting, it is about honouring: Honouring your willingness to own your unique beauty and readiness to share it with the world. It is an opportunity for healing, growth, and surrender. Together we will craft a soulful session that incorporates ritual, play, and passion. You will be celebrated and encouraged to embrace your radiance with renewed confidence. 

I am currently based in Calgary, Alberta though I am willing to travel out of town for the shoot for an additional fee.

I also do sessions for men, couples and families. All are welcome.


In Person/Phone/Skype Consultation
2 hour portrait shoot on location
30 high-res digital images
10 day post-processing time